Welcome to my eclectic ramblings. My blogging life started during the five years I spent working at Kandahar Airfield, Afghanistan as I appointed myself the resident food critic and lifestyle coach. People seemed to get a kick out of my bemused, confused, and confounded view of life in a war zone so, as I enter a six month to thirty year period of unemployment/retirement, I’ll be turning my attention to the inanities of life in the real world.

I’ll cast my jaundiced eye on anything and everything that makes me smile, grimace or scowl. There will be commentary on the news of the day and the vagaries of hobo life along with philosophical dissertations, religious criticism, restaurant reviews and fun with email. Some of it will be fucking hilarious a la Just DFACs Ma’am but there will also be the occasional foray into more serious, yet always irreverent territory.

Who knows? You might just learn something.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. How you doing man. I was one of the many soldiers that followed you before and during their deployment to RC South… Hope all is well!

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