For Me? Part II

Well, I’d downloaded software to record my Skype calls and tried to give Sweet Mr. Simoes a call expecting to get up to all kinds of hijinks on the phone. Alas, Skype wouldn’t let me call his first number, probably because it’s on a known scammer list, and the second one had no answer. Dang.

So, I had to settle for answering his email. The guy wants $670 USD to open an account! Of course, a poor mithril miner like Al can’t afford that kind of coin. I hope he accepts my generous barter offering…. Continue reading


For me?

As I write this, my inaugural post on Self Righteous Indignation, I’m still at Kandahar Airfield, Afghanistan with only 6 more days til I’m an unemployed hobo. If you’re thinking “What the fuck is he talking about?”, take a look at the About page or, better yet, become familiar with my earlier work at Just DFACs Ma’am.

I wasn’t planning on starting this blog until I got home for good but, in an effort to while away some time in this boring shithole, I entered into a conversation with a very nice man who emailed me with an offer of $2,000,000. I started posting my email conversations with this guy on my Facebook page and it seemed to amuse a fair number of folks. Well, what better way to start a blog that is intended to be at least kinda funny than to make fun of some incompetent, third-world grifter? He had contacted me on personal email account but I responded from my clever alias account. Then the fun began.

So, here’s the first installment in my category of Fun with Email. I’ll post updates of my correspondence as they occur. Enjoy. Continue reading